New Work included in OneShot2k9

December 22, 2009

Screenshot of OneShot2k9 Website

Screenshot of the OneShot2k9 Website

My year ends with work included in a sort of group exhibition captured in an online publication published today under the title “OneShot2k9.” Audrey Cottin, a friend and colleague studying at the HISK Institute in Belguim, proposed the project early in the spring of this year. The publication takes the form of a PDF file containing the work of eight artists: Matt Sheridan, Miraures, André Catalão, Laura Huertas Millan, Zoé Benoit, Jay Tan, Alexis Argyroglo and myself.

The central premise of the project involves our response, and collaborative dialogue with another artist involved in the project, to the phrase “reality sinistered / sinistered reality” that Friedrich Nietzsche mentions in his text, The Antichrist. After much casting about trying to navigate the waters of this phrase, the project really began for me when Alexis Argyroglo initiated a dialogue with me in the form of a rather remarkable letter on the subject. You can read his original letter, my response and the work of the rest of the artists involved in the project at the temporary website, (site no longer available), or by downloading the high resolution version of the PDF file from the page I’ve devoted to capturing my contribution to the project on my site.

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