A New Piece at LACDA

June 12, 2012

'Ring Stack' hanging at LACDA

An unframed print of my new piece with the working title 'Ring Stack'

I have an unframed print hanging at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art during the months of June and July. You can catch the opening reception on June 14, 2012 from 7pm – 9pm.

This was a great opportunity to realize a physical print of a piece that had previously existed only on screen. The working title is ‘Ring Stack.’ (It’s featured in the center of the image just to the left of the corner.) I’m excited about this image because it is the first I’ve made that I feel is completely constructed. Rather than capturing a moment in time, I assembled this image into a whole from various parts. Its refinement and completion took place over several revisions spanning the last couple years. Thus, it feels like more of a beginning than an end. More to come.


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